punchline music special promo photo.jpg

It all started when…

We had an idea to make a new music format. It's more than live music. It's more than a documentary. It's a variety of visual mediums combined to create a Music Special!

We presented this to the world on 3/7/2017 when we launched a Kickstarter campaign to Help Punchline Make A Netflix Special. We used the word Netflix, because 1) We're going to try and get it on Netflix, and 2) The alternative way of explaining our idea was to call this a "DVD", but no one uses DVD's anymore. This is how we arrived at calling this a Special, or Music Special, or Netflix Special.  

The project funded successfully, and on 11/11/17, we filmed the live music portion of the Punchline Music Special at Spirit in Pittsburgh. We're super excited to bring you the first taste of that right here. Enjoy!


PS Here's a link to the Kickstarter project that helped to get this off the ground. THANK YOU. WE REALLY LIKE DOING THIS.