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The Spill Canvas is proud to present "Hivemind" - A three song collection and their first new music in five years! Check it out online, wherever music is available for purchase or stream, and watch the captivating lyric video for "Rollercoaster Daze" here:

Punchline's new music video "Darkest Dark" was directed and shot by the amazing @kea.ton and stars the incredible @maeveharten and @sophieeppich. This song and music video represents the love you give to a partner/friend in need. This music video represents the beauty of the city of Pittsburgh and the love you give to your people when they need it most. We love Pittsburgh. We love humans. 

When asked about the killer new video – which sees frontman Alex Biro get his bloody heart ripped out and later buried alive with earthworms by some creepy death creatures – Biro said: “The director and his team had scouted a pretty desolate, blown out, old tire factory in a particularly rundown part of the city, which really fit well aesthetically with the overall concept of the song. We wanted to focus on iconographic elements that amplified the message while still trying play to the lyrics (the hanging hearts, for example). I hope people enjoy it more than I did making it - don’t sit in a coffin with nightcrawlers.”